Lory State Park annual camping/trail work weekend

Change dates to move in other events. Be there at 430 pm at the maintenance area to load up. We have some good rock work this year on Howard Trail. We will be camping in the back country campsites again and should have a good time indeed. Bring what you need to camp comfortably. LSP personnel haul all our equipment up to the site. Camp chairs, coolers are acceptable. BYOB... All food provided.…

Young Gulch with WRV

Back there to finish up C3 and C7 crossings area...mono-walls and dirt filling mostly. Some moving rocks at C3. C7 is further back down the trail and needs work also. Please be aware that this is a one day event. Breakfast and lunch will be provided by WRV. Bring water and supplies to last in mountains. Meet up 0730 in the parking lot at Young Gulch for tools and hike in.

V-Smith Mtn Park – Pt III

We should be making a dent out there and seeing good results....This project is another one of CATS specialty work and is the stuff that earns our reputation for making good trail and structures....You need to see this work if you have not been out there yet. Remember, the season is in  a hurry to finish up and our days are shorter and limited. Please make time to come out!  Sign up too!

V-Smith Mtn Park – Pt II

Continued work on stone steps, new trail, switchbacks...and more...good times - come on out http://www.cityofloveland.org/departments/parks-recreation/parks-facilities/parks-non-reservable-parks-w-amenities/viestenz-smith-mountain-park Most know where the park is. New folks will need to use the website for directions...   Only 4 miles west on RT 34 from the famous Dam Store on…

Viestenz-Smith Mtn Park – not Round Mtn

Yes - we are back and have a stone extravaganza for those who like stone. We are tasked to create good authorized trails down to the river from the parking lot and we have designed some really neat and playful trails to construct. Originally, I thought we would be here a week or two, but I am revising that to a month or so... This place is full of action and has the river right there to see…

Rotary Park – final whack for a while

We should be doing the upper parts of trail at the climbing area...more towards  the middle of the parking lot by the toilet. Park here and come down the trail. Look for CATS van also - sign waiver - call in location and tools to grab with walkie talkie... Last whack at this tough project site!... Bob

Rotary Park – more work

Climbing area - work on trail improvements continued. Lower area to close trail and then some more fabulous stone steps need to go in!  Thanks everyone coming out...I know it is hot there and sunny,, We are there only one more week...

Rotary Park Climbing Area

Will assess where we are - most likely at Rotary or back in Loveland... I think so, and we can find work there