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Meadowbrook (trail repair)

July 9 @ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm MDT

Due to sun exposure we are testing a morning event. Note the start time.

We will be working at Meadowbrook Natural Area to help repair a few parts of the trail. Parking to be announced closer to event.

Food will not be provided. Bring your own snack if you would like food.

  • Recommended Clothing – recommend pants and comfortable non cotton shirt. Closed toed shoes are required.
  • Water – Be sure to bring your own water at minimum 2 litters.

New Safety Protocol (Temporary/2020)

For the first projects, we require that all team members please follow the below practices on the projects to prevent COVID spread.

– Face cover:  You will need something hands-free. If you end up working in a close corridor with others, we ask that you cover your mouth and nose with a buff, mask or some other covering. If you are following the below and keeping distance, you are welcome to drop your mask while you are working alone, as we understand it can be hard to do physical work and wear a mask and be safe at the same time. However we ask that if you decide to walk around or move closer to others that you put it back on.

– Arrival: Start with a face covering and gloves after you get out of the car. If you do not have gloves and/or face covering, email or message the traildirector@trailcats.org to coordinate.

– Same Tool:  Sets of tools (and gloves), will be available on brewery blankets or delivered to you away from the Van a bit. Please pick one set of tools (or subset, e.g. 1 Pick + 1 Mcleod) and use them throughout the whack. No passing/sharing tools with others without disinfecting them, unless you are working side-by-side with a household member. As a fun way to help you keep track of the tool you are working with we are going to name tag the tools.

– Clean Tool: Brewery blankets will be laid out with wire brushes, for cleaning dirt off the tools at the end of the whack. Trail directors will also have a bucket with a soapy solution to scrub handles before loading tools into the van (so they are cleaner than I am after the whack).

– Distance: When you are working  without a face covering, we ask that you not work for more than a minute or so within 10 feet / 1.5-McLeod-lengths of non-family members. Always, including when passing on the trail, keep the standard ~6 feet apart from non-family members (the length of a Mcleod), both for safety when you are swinging and for prevention of spread. If you are not able to work alone safely with distance, we ask that you collaborate with someone from the same household or that you wear a face covering and gloves consistently.

– Food: For weekday projects, you are responsible for bringing any snacks to enjoy while resting. For one-day weekend projects, we will be catering individually prepared meals for volunteers and will take orders 1-2 days before the project date. For full weekend projects, we will be designating cooks who we will ask to wear gloves and masks while cooking.

– Sickness (hope this is a given): If you are sick or were sick in the two weeks prior to a whack, or have not been quarantining, we ask that you take the week off. Not only to prevent the spread, but to also make sure that you have had a chance to recover before you start throwing rocks around.


July 9
8:30 am - 12:30 pm MDT
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2000 Cascade Ave
Loveland, CO 80538 United States
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