Who We Are

The Colorado Association of Trail Stewards (CATS) is a volunteer based non-profit trail building organization (501c3). Lovers to the outdoors and to the continued enjoyment that trails provide, our organization strives to provide quality trail building support to local government and environmental agencies in the Northern Colorado area. Whether it is designing the next great trail system or simply fixing a trail which was built long ago, our organization will move mountains (literally) to help keep these gorgeous pathways to nature fun, safe and enjoyable for generations to come. Using only hand tools and pure muscle our members prides ourselves on the quality of our work and the technical trail expertise that we provide to our partners/agencies.

No matter if you have any prior trail building experience, our organization will always accept new members and provide any training that is required to make you an expert trail builder.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality trail services and products so current & future generations can enjoy.

Our Vision

To promote land stewardship and impart trail skills and trained leaders to the Northern Colorado community.

Where We Operate

The main working area for the Colorado Association of Trail Stewards is within the state of Colorado, primarily in the northern portion of the state. However, from time to time the organization might assist with projects outside of this region if the project meets CATS fundamental principles.

Our Story

CATS Formation:

A few Colorado Springs volunteers started the Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society (CATS) in 2007 to help supplement the city’s workforce in response to the City of Colorado Springs Parks and Recs Department drastic budget cuts. The original organization’s goal was to help provide the critical trail maintenance that the nearby Colorado Spring’s parks needed due to the continued use and increased traffic from tourist and locals alike.

As the CATS became more known as a regular and dependable trail maintenance group that provided quality trail repairs all over the Colorado Springs area, we began to extend our trail support to as far north as Castle Rock, CO and west as Divide, CO.

CATS Expand North:

In 2012, two of the original founders of the organization (Connie and Bob Johnson), moved to Loveland, CO for work. With few contacts and minimal knowledge of the area the two set off to jump start a Northern Colorado branch of the organization. Though the organization’s goals differed slightly from the originals, it still held to its roots, helping to build the best quality trail possible. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise that the founders brought to the table the organization quickly became known as the go to trailbuilding organization for both basic trail development and technical rock building. With the support of multiple government and environmental agencies in the NOCO area the CATS has been able to expand it’s reach helping to build and repair some of the most popular trails.

CATS Become a Non-Profit:

In December of 2016, after four years of operation, the CATS officially became a recognized 501c3 non profit based in Colorado. With this new non profit status the CATS organized a board of directors to oversee the overall operations and the future of the organization. With one of the original founders (Bob Johnson) taking the position of Trails Director and a new comer (Brandon Smith) taking on the reigns as the organization’s president.

With dedicated volunteers and a name change to the Colorado Association of Trail Stewards (CATS), the CATS has been able to expand and continue to support the NOCO area one trail at a time.