Like Running a Saw?

We are looking for new members to join our all-volunteer NOCO Sawyer Group.

Who Are We

[NOCO SG] is an elite collective of volunteers with S212 certifications for sawyering with chainsaws that collaborate  as a team to cut trees for agencies and private land owners reducing potential woodland fuel; mitigate post fire areas; assist in control burns; and provide assistance with fire restoration work as directed. NOCO SG also has had the opportunity to build wooden milled bridges onsite in State Forest State Park, CO. Currently, the collective has been asked to partner with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV), Fort Collins Natural Areas, City of Loveland, Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society (CATS), and No Barriers USA campus up in the Red Feather Lakes area on various sawyer related projects. We also partner with several ranches – Lazy D, Sundance, Armando – felling trees and performing restoration work from the fires.

NOCO SG is not a formal 501c3 non-profit at this time.   Started in 2019.

Our Mission

NOCO SG (Northern Colorado Sawyers Group) is a non-profit sawyer pre/post fire land mitigation and restoration group dedicated to providing volunteer quality services and products for land/private agencies. NOCO SG offers non- fee based work in fuels reduction and restoration of forested lands.

Our Vision

NOCO SG endeavors to promote fire safe land stewardship by safely removing trees [fuels reduction] and snags [burnt fire damaged trees] as directed by
hosting land agencies/owners. NOCO SG intends to establish enduring partnerships with land agencies and trail groups. Members continue to learn sawyer skills and training while providing needed services to local/state land agencies.

Our Moto

‘Saws on – be safe’
‘Save a forest – cut a tree’

Qualifications & Membership

If you are interested in joining this team – NOCO SG requires a copy of your S212 certification [regardless how old it is]; sign a NOCO SG waiver, review and comply with the organizations rules and regulations; and provide a current phone and email address. There are no membership dues. NOCO SG encourages applicants that meet our requirements to contact the organization via email: [email protected].


Projects range from two hours to six hours duration; easy to difficult; and can be scheduled on weekdays and weekends. New members are paired up senior sawyers and the entire team embraces the ‘buddy system’ work ethic for safety reasons. NOCO SG has some loaner [Personal Protective Equipment – PPE] and chainsaws.

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