Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • CATS does not discriminate against race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status, veteran status, medical condition, handicap or disability or physical size. We welcome everyone that abides by our rules and regulations.
  • CATS organization does not condone or tolerate any form of harassment rendered on any of its members, guests or citizens; this includes: off-colored jokes, weight assessments, sexual preferences, and general mean-spirited dialog.
  • CATS will not endure any kind of physical or verbal confrontations with its members or the public. Immediate disciplinary action will be administered, including removing the member from the project, or with the assistance of legal authority.
  • All members of CATS are expected to act in a professional and courteous manner to other members and citizens.
  • All CATS members are expected to arrive at various worksites fully attired and equipped for outdoor trail work.
  • All CATS members behavior is to be moderated and language safeguarded at all times. No unruly behavior or foul language spoken. Remember, we represent CATS to the public, as well as the agency we are presently involved.
  • CATS does not allow any kind of bullying at it events.
    CATS members avoid conversations on religion, politics, gossip which generally leads to heated discussions or arguments.

Rules – CATS members must be:

  • Sober. Though we jokingly advocate beer consumption (at the end of our work project), CATS does not allow anyone to participate in a work project debilitated. Any individual found mentally or physically incapacitated as a result of ingesting any drug (legal or illegal), alcohol, [including the new Colorado recreational drug – Marijuana] will be asked to leave. Tools and spaced-out volunteers do not mix safely. We are on the properties of various agencies and their rules apply as well and have greater consequences.
  • Eighteen years of age, unless accompanied by their parent or guardian. Younger children are allowed to work, under certain conditions, usually warranted by the difficulty of the project and the acting CATS leader judgement at the time.
  • Team player. We cannot allow separate work actions – meaning: whacking trail or making structures without permission of the crew leader, reckless behavior with tools, improperly constructed structures, wandering off – working alone. CATS is a close knit trail group that works as a team or several teams – all for the same reason; to safely produce quality work and services.


  • No pets allowed.
  • No smoking tobacco products in the immediate worksite area. Volunteers need to step away if they have to partake in this smoking or chewing habit.
  • Carpooling is recommended for all events and functions.
  • Cell phones are allowed – but constant texting/twittering/phone calls/gaming/whatever is a distraction to you and others and it presents an unsafe situation. If you cannot control yourself for focused trail work in the field, then – leave the gadget in the vehicle or (you) physically – stay home.
  • CATS designated Field Directors/Crew Leaders have the final say on projects, disciplinary issues, and up to and including – removal (if necessary) of members from the worksite.